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In the upcoming 2M3R Workshop, an unusual issue will be dealt with: "Physiological & socio-psychological risks from loud music in public venues".  The venues of interest include cafes, bistros, pubs, restaurants, shops and gyms. The soundscapes to be studied are generated by the music systems which are run in most public places; these are handled by the venue's management and not under the control of the visitors/customers. See Memo#1 for an introduction into this event.

Convenor/organizer & Venue:

Bernd Rohrmann at the University of Melbourne, School of Behavioural Science. For a description of the location where the Workshop will take place, and how to get there, see Info[]A.


April 17 & 18, 2009.  Start: 10:30 on the 17th; end: 13:00 on the 18th.


The underlying intention is explained in Memo#3. In Memo#4, for each of the invited participants information about her/his profession, areas of interest and a picture are provided.

Issues to be discussed

Whether loud music in public venues is a physiological and/or a socio-psychological hazard which puts people at risk has  many facets depending on the acoustic features of the music exposure and the aims of the customers, for example, to have a drink or a meal in a bistro, and usually to communicate through conversation. Furthermore, cultural differences are likely. The Workshop will focus on 5 issues, which are outlined in Memo#2.

Research background

This year's 3M3R Workshop was created in response to the manifold outcomes of BR's research program "Soundscapes in Public Places" [SPP], which he has run since 2003. Three texts, Text^X, Text^Y, Text^Z, describe the setup and selected results of the 12 studies conducted so far.

Program & Timetable:

In the workshop program, the 5 issues to be dealt with are allocated to a timeslot on either the 17th or the 18th. For each topic a main presenter and a group of discussants is identified. This structure is presented in Memo#5, including the timing of each agenda item.

Workshop dinner:

On the eve of first workshop day, joint dinner for all participants is organized. Information about the type and location of the restaurant can be found in Info[]B, including a map. As a true novelty, the 2M3R convenor has arranged live music and chosen three marvelous musicians, playing violin, guitar, bass.

Expected outcomes:

Whether loud music is a risk in medical or psychological terms, and if so, how, is an intricated issue, and so far research findings appear to be indistinct and sometimes contradictive. Therefore the immediate aim is to better understand people's perception and evaluation of intense soundscapes. As outlined in Memo#6, in a long-term perspective three outcomes are expected: A conclusion whether the "loud-music-in-public-venues" issue is serious enough to strive for counter-measures; the identification of further research needs; and the consideration of the issue "Soundscapes in Public Places" in future publications


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