Dept of Psychology, Univ. of Melbourne
A/Prof Bernd ROHRMANN 
Introduction Applied Psychology  [IAP]
O v e r v i e w  &  p r o g r a m

Note:  This course is currently not on offer. Below is the description from Sem 2, 2000.

Access:  3rd-year Psychology students; prerequisites: 512-120, 512-121, 512-220

Time & place of classes: Thursday 4:15-5:10 pm, Sunderland theatre

Aim of the unit:  This unit is the compulsory part of "Applied Psychology 3".  The aim is to provide general percectives of applied research and professional work which are relevant to all specific areas of applied psychology; this includes methodological, epistemological and ethical issues. Furthermore, guest speakers (including the convenors of several professional doctorate programs and study centers) will present overviews of a variety of applied research topics.


July 27: Areas & rationale of "applied" psychology  <Rohrmann>
Aug. 3: Basic vs applied research - Epistemological topics <Rohrmann>
Aug. 10: Applied issues of Organizational/Industrial Psychol. <Wearing>
Aug. 17: Applied issues of Clinical Psychology <Jackson>
Aug. 24: Applied issues of Child Psychology <Prior>
Aug. 31: Applied issues of Neuro-Psychology <Saling>
Sept. 7: Applied psychology in the Conflict Resolution Centre <Bretherton>
Sept. 14: Applied psychology in the Morgan Centre <O'Boyle>
Oct. 5: Statistical perspectives for applied research <Robins>
Oct. 12: Guest speaker: Practitioning applied Psychology <Palmer>
Oct. 19: Professional issues & code of conduct  <Rushford>
Oct. 26: Applicability and utilization of applied psychology <Rohrmann>

Literature: No prescribed book; a reading list with references from Psychology  and  related fields will be provided  at the beginning of the semester

Assessment: Written exam (about five short essays, total length 1000 words).

Consultation: Wednesday 3-4 pm, Room 803 R.B.B. For urgent matters: E-mail

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